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Member Hayden Pugh 6 years old with a very nice 2lb 3oz perch caught on sweetcorn. Well done Hayden.

Another very nice Tench caught late in the season by P Gardiner.

Using braid to floating crust.This common weighed in at 14lb 12oz for P.Locks.

An 18lb common caught on pop up soft halibut by P.Locks

P.Gardiner with a Bream of 5lb 1oz-float single corn.

One of two nice 5lb Tench from P.Gardiner.

Taken from Potmans back channel by P Gardiner on 24th July single corn 14 hook float taken on the drop. A couple of oz under 6lb as the balance was bouncing a bit so weight a bit of a guess.

A few more carp from J.Farrow.



A Mirror Carp from the margins by Justin Farrow, caught on the pole. One of 8 similar sized fish caught during the session.

Matt Parson with a magnificent 21lb 8oz pike caught at potmans main on 8th December 2013.

Paul Locks pictured with a 21lb 6oz pike
caught on club waters, back up pike of 18lb 12oz, 18lb 2oz, 16lb, 15lb 8oz and 10lb 10oz completed a great day.

Paul Locks pictured with a 21lb 6oz pike pic 2

Paul Locks caught this 24lb 3oz carp on the new section of Newmill Channel,using a method feeder with pop up sweet corn.

A 15lb 2oz Mirror Carp caught by Matthew Card who said was "On a float rod with sweetcorn, only bite all day, nasty North Easterly wind made for hard fishing. New PB so well pleased. This was with 6lb line and a No.12 hook, good scrap."

3lb perch caught by Justin Farrow on 4th July 2013. Float fished worm on the bottom.

6lb 2oz tench caught by Matthew Card, he said it was
"On float rod with sweetcorn over hemp and crushed
halibut pellets. Not the easiest thing in the world
trying to take a photo of yourself holding a slimy flapping fish."

6lb 2oz tench caught by Matthew Card pic 2.

Melissa Claydon aged 8 with a 13lb Mirror Carp. Well done Melissa.

Melissa Claydon aged 8 with a 9lb Sturgeon. Well done again, please keep up the great fishing.

Richard Merricks with 1 of his 5 Mirror Carp caught on the competition at Townland Farm. Pictured is a 10lb 5oz carp. Richard scooped the jack pot both for best fish and top weight of 26lbs.

An 11 lb mirror carp caught by 9 year old Callum Roberts.
It was one of many caught on the day.

One of a bag of fish that young William Sutton caught to win a junior open match.

A Carp caught by Dean Whilshire using a vintage cane rod and centrepin reel.

Dave Weller with his club record
breaking 7lb 1oz bream caught on the 18th of June 2012.

Ben Hollamby 9 with first 15lb 2oz carp.

Paul Locks with a 23lb 4oz pike caught at Knelle Farm (childrens farm).

Paul Locks with a 26lb 12oz pike
caught at Knelle Farm (childrens farm).