This our own lake near Woodchurch. It has 24 fishery platforms and also a disabled peg. Containing a good head of fish including carp in the 4-10lb and some to 20lb.


This water was new for 2015 and has undergone work to improve the facility. The stock of fish is currenty unknown but we hope to make this primarily a silver fish water. Please let us know what you catch at this water.

Manor Lake picture 1 looking West.


Manor Lake picture 2 looking East.


We have a 1 mile stretch of the river Rother at Bodiam. This has been a fantastic piece of water in the past and produced some excellent fishing. We hope you will enjoy this one.


A traditionally known stretch for holding carp to big 30s, large tench to 6lb+, bream to 5lb+ and pike to 20lb.Due to the steepness of the banks care must be taken when fishing this section. NO DIGGING OUT PLATFORMS.

HEXDEN CHANNEL (sheep pens)

This stretch of the Hexden Channel is a favourite of the specimen hunter with double figure carp, bream to 7lb, occasional 5lb+ tench, with good sport in roach and rudd to 2.5lbs. Prone to heavy weed from mid-summer.


Situated mid-way between Rolvenden and Wittersham fishing is on the downstream, right hand bank. Average depth approx 4 feet. Good for tench and bream through the summer months. Roach, carp and pike can also be caught.

CHILDRENS FARM (Great Knelle Farm)

Probably the best section of the River Rother with reed beds and lily pads. Set in unspoiled countryside on the Kent/Sussex border. This quiet water contains large double figure carp, both commom and mirror. Tench, bream and pike are plentiful, as are roach and rudd. not being prone to excessive weed makes it an all year round fishery.


A true Romney Marsh drain which is only 8 or 9 metres wide. This water rewards the angler who is prepared to tread lightly to stalk their fish. As well as carp there is a surprising number of tench, bream, eels and plenty of smll roach and rudd, which all provide a very satisfying fishing session.


This small water, however, dont let this put you off as it is unlikely that you will be denied access to this suprisingly underfished water which contains a good stock of small to medium sized carp and a few quality roach to over a pound.


A secluded tributary of the River Rother. This stretch of Newmill contains large shoals of bream to 6lb, a good head of tench to 6lb with rudd, roach, perch, eels, carp and pike in abundance. Prone to be heavily weeded in mid summer.


After lengthy negotiations with the riparian owners of the Otter Channel, your Committee is pleased to announce that this is now a club water. Containing large carp, tench, bream, pike, roach and rudd this should make the Otter Channel a valuable asset to the club. With the benefit of vehicle access along its length, all night fishing and comfortable banks we are sure this will be a favourite venue.

PLEASE NOTE: There is strictly no fishing on this water all day when there is a shooting party, the dates can be found on the gate.


We are sure you will enjoy fishing this popular stretch. The same rules still apply as before: parking only at the junction of Potmans/main (no parking along the river banks). Please ensure all gates are secure when entering and leaving the venue.