MARCH 2016.

Unfortunatley we have had to loose Highbanks from our waters as due to ongoing concerns over this water the water level seems to stay very low even though we have had conciderable rainfall. We hope you will try our latest waters that we have managed to secure and you wont be to disapointed.

FEB 2016.

MANOR LAKE has now settled down and the water is at a much deeper level since the overflow pipe has been raised and with the amount of rain we have had the last few months it has filled up nicley. we hope to stock the water with even more silver fish in the future.

NEW FOR 2015.

Good news for 2015 we have secured two new waters for our club. The first is a lake that is still undergoing improvments and we hope will eventualy become primarily a silver fish water. The second water is a one mile stretch of the river Rother at Bodiam which in the past has produced some fantastic fishing. We hope you enjoy both of these new waters.